How to Save Videos from the Internet onto Your Device?

Do you want to save videos from the internet onto your device but don’t have a video downloader? Well, you can still save and download videos from the internet to your device without using any paid video downloader or tool. We are going to share some magical methods to save videos from the internet onto your device for free.

How to save videos from Twitter?

Billions of users are using Twitter for information sharing and for watching videos daily. If you like a video that you want to save on your device for further use, you can download that video from Twitter. The process of downloading videos from Twitter is really simple yet effective. You don’t need to use any paid video downloader or software to save videos from Twitter onto your device.

Save Videos from Twitter for Free

If you want to download Twitter videos, you can use online video downloader sites. Go to a free video downloader site and you are good to save videos from Twitter onto your device. Once you have opened the video that you want to use download onto your device from Twitter, copy the link to that video or Tweet and go to the video downloader site.

There will be a link box where you can paste the copied link to twitter video. After you have pasted the link in the downloader site’s bar, click the download button. You will be asked to choose the quality of video that you want to download and after selecting the video quality, twitter video will be saved to your device without using any paid tool.

How to save videos from YouTube?

Most of the video content is shared on YouTube that makes it the biggest video sharing platform on the internet. With billions of the videos available online, you can easily save videos from YouTube to your device. If you don’t know how to download videos from YouTube, this simple method is specifically for you.

Once you have played the video on YouTube, you don’t need to use any other video downloader or tool to download videos from YouTube. Just click on the link bar of the YouTube video and add “SS” in the YouTube video link as shown below:

Original link:

Download link:

As you will press the enter button, you will be taken to a new page where you will see a button to download the video from YouTube. This method of downloading video from the internet uses the services of 3rd party tools to save videos from YouTube.

How to Download Videos from any Website?

If you want to find a way to download any video from any other site including all social media apps and other video sharing websites, you can use free downloaders for this purpose. There are several video downloaders available for smartphones and computers that work fine with most of the websites and social media platforms. The use of these video downloaders requires the use of 3rd party tools and applications that can take extra space on your device.


Most of these video downloading tools offer free trials for a limited period and after that time; you need to buy their license key. To avoid this inconvenience, you can use free online video downloader sites that require no registration or the fee. These online video downloaders are not only free to use but work with most of the social media sites perfectly. You can easily download Twitter videos, Facebook videos or any other video off the internet with these free tools.

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