KidKraft Primary Wooden Kitchen

KidKraft Primary Wooden Kitchen has an exceptional fun value. This pretend play kitchen set will appeal to anyone who appreciates practicality combined with simplicity of design. The play set is easy to assemble, and takes up less space than a typical play kitchen. KidKraft Primary Wooden Kitchen was designed to keep the bells and whistles to the minimum, in order to allow children to focus on the pretend play experience. Kids can focus on cooking and serving pretend meals, not be distracted by electronics. Despite its small footprint, the play kitchen still comes with a stove top, an oven, a microwave, built in sink, a few shelves and a clock with movable hands. Oven and microwave have see-through doors, and can be used for storage when not in play. Accessories include a salt and pepper shakers along with a mixing spoon and spatula. KidKraft Primary Wooden Kitchen is a beautifully finished play set that invites kids to practice their cooking skills. Any young chef-in-training that wants to emulate what mom or dad do in the kitchen will be delighted with this gift. Grandpa or grandma could chip in if money is an issue.

Children learn to function in the real world by emulating their parents. Because play kitchens help children to imitate parents, they are very popular with kids. While play kitchen toys are not always easy to find in retail stores, they are easy to find online. Kitchen play and pretend cooking are favorite activities for children. They offer many opportunities to learn by imagining and by doing. When playing with KidKraft Primary Wooden Kitchens Toy can make mistakes, correct them, try out new behaviors all by themselves, yet be safe. No need for grownups to get involved. Consider the value of allowing your kid to try things, fail, try again, succeed, and do it without being constantly watched by grownups. In addition, kids get to do so in the safety of their own home.

KidKraft Primary Wooden Kitchen allows children to give full reign to their imagination and creativity. Kids will serve tea and crackers to their favorite horse and dog. When friends visit, kids will engage in complex social interaction. Most importantly, the toy will “grow” with your child. As your child gets older and learn more, he or she will be able to play more sophisticated games. When little, she may start by recognizing colors and naming foods. Over time she may progress to making and serving tea. Soon she will be cooking and serving full course pretend dinners. KidKraft Primary Wooden Kitchen is a learning toy with limitless opportunities for fun and learning.

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