Pros and Cons of Music Streaming

Let’s face it, everybody uses music streaming services to listen to their favorite track without having to buy the records. This enables us to listen to music live rather than downloading it. While there is a lot of benefits to using this service, there are certain drawbacks as well. So, in this post, we have listed the pros and cons of music streaming. 

Pros of Streaming Music

Following are some of the benefits of music streaming service: 

Better Quality 

One of the benefits of music streaming is the quality of the sound. The sound quality of the streamed music is of better and superior quality in comparison to the songs on the CDs. 

Easily Available 

Thanks to streaming, music is accessible to everyone no matter where they are. You can have access to a wide range of music to choose from. Whether you are into jazz or hip hop, listening to your favorite songs has never been easy. In addition, listening to new genres and artists is also easy. 

Since music is accessible, new talents have a better chance of being discovered. A plus point odd streaming music is that it will be available 24/7. 

Doesn’t Take Space 

Another benefit of streaming music is that it will not take up space on a hard drive or shelf. You will not have to collect CDs for listening to music or have to download it on your computer. This provides ample space for storing important documents, and files. 

Create Your Own Playlist

You can create your own playlist without any trouble. By subscribing to the streaming service, you will get updates about the new releases from your favorite artists. Additionally, you will receive recommendations based on your playlists. 

Cons of Music Streaming Services

There are many disadvantages to streaming services. Here are some of the cons. 

Don’t Own Copy of Music 

One of the drawbacks of streaming music is that you will not have your own copy of the music. You will have to stream the song whenever you want to listen to it. 

Hidden Fee

Mostly, the free music streaming service has hidden subscription fees. So, they are not usually free. 

Loss of Earnings

Since music streaming services are most commonly used, people have stopped buying CDs. This has resulted in the loss of earnings for the artists. Moreover, the established artists might lose potential earnings. The only ones who profit from music streaming are tech companies and big corporates. 

Use of Ads

For staying in business, streaming services use a lot of ads. This can be harmful to your business as ads carry viruses. 

Distortions in Sound 

Sometimes, in the remastering process, the music might be distorted. This might have an adverse impact on the quality of the sound.

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