Why Kona Blend Does Not Mean 100% Kona Coffee Beans

Owning to the limited amount and price of the real deal, many coffee companies end up producing adulterated coffee, which they term ‘Kona blend.’ But if anything, these coffees are far from being ‘Kona.’ They are instead, a combination of different kinds of foreign coffee with only a minute quantity of Kona coffee beans.

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The Hawaii law requires that any Kona blend should contain at least 10% of Kona coffee beans. Coffee producing opportunists who want to make some fast cash will only use the minimum mandated percentage and not a gram more. As a result of this, you are left with a coffee cup with only ten percent Kona and 90% ordinary coffee. This kind of coffee may lack the characteristic taste and fresh smell of the 10 Best Kona Coffee Beans To Buy In 2021.




District’s top 10 Best Kona Coffee Beans To Buy In 2021 are easily the best beans:




To avoid getting into a situation like this, most people avoid coffee products labelled ‘Kona blend”. Authentic Kona coffee will come with labelling that prominently displays ‘100% Kona coffee’. This is the standard. You may encounter other confusing names, trying to masquerade as the real deal such as “Kona Roast.’ Don’t be deceived; the name doesn’t mean a thing.


The coffee could have been conveniently made from any other kind of Kona coffee beans, and no one would be any smarter. “Kona style” is also something to be wary of. To be completely safe, avoid all ‘Kona-blend’ products and go for coffee distinctly labelled 100% Kona coffee.


Hawaiian Does not mean It Is Kona


Coffee is not only grown in the Kona regions. Many other regions and islands in Hawaii produce coffee, but it is only the climate and topography of the Kona region that is suitable for growing excellent Kona coffee beans. This is because Hawaii has a long history of growing sugar cane, and as a result, most of the soil on the island has already been stripped of its nutrients. The advantage Kona 10 Best Kona Coffee Beans To Buy In 2021 regions have is the presence of mineral-rich volcanic soil.


This does not in any way mean that all other Hawaii Kona coffee beans are bad. Even several Hawaiian coffees have created a buzz in recent times; Kona coffee has continuously been rated high in recent coffee tasting competitions.


With its nutty texture, coffee is being grown on more than 125 acres on the Puna island, while on the Hamakua coast, the Hamakua coffee boasts of an exotic flavour.


It’s not always easy to find 100% Kona coffee produced from the original Kona coffee beans. That is why we are bringing this excellent coffee choice to your doorstep.

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